Small Claims Court

Legal disputes are stressful and the procedure to deal with them can be confusing. Ontario’s Small Claims Court system is set up to expedite dealing with claims that do not exceed $25,000. A dispute may well involve larger amounts but by using the Small Claims Court system, you ensure the most efficient and fastest court to resolve your dispute.

Small Claims Court has jurisdiction over breach of contract cases, commercial collections, and debt, personal debt or damages, recovery services, or relief from opposing claims to personal property. Small Claims does not have jurisdiction to hear matters of divorce, trusts, wills (i.e. probate).

Whether you are a business or an individual, at ASMLAW we have an experienced team in place to deal with your claims in the most efficient manner in order to ensure the best results possible while causing you the least amount of stress.

ASMLAW is happy to handle all your litigation matters including Small Claims.